Brand Experience

Nick Hopewell-Smith’s diverse career in marketing and communications consultancy has seen him at the centre of a large number of significant market introductions:-

“Save at the Bottle Bank”

His first professional project was to assist with the launch of the Bottle Bank Glass Recycling Scheme for the Glass Manufacturers Federation.

“Pure, Perfect, Sound. Forever.”

Nick went on to support the successful introduction of Compact Disc in the early eighties – initially on behalf of Philips and later with Sony. Working with the Sony marketing team, he played a key role in the launch of Video 8, DAT, MiniDisc and the Super Bit Mapping CD system, initially while employed by The Grayling Company and from 1985, via his own consultancy business, Nick Hopewell-Smith Associates.

“Billboard Magazine: Audio Consultant Blasts Labels on CD”

Nick organised and chaired the ground-breaking ‘Digital Information Exchange’, an annual seminar series which drew an international audience of recording engineers, broadcasters, producers and musicians seeking to make the most of emerging digital audio and video technology.

“Free Local Calls, Off-Peak with Mercury One-to-One”

In the early nineties, Nick co-founded a full-service PR consultancy with Alan Kilkenny and Nicky Fuller called Larkspur Communications, supporting the launch of the One-2-One mobile phone network (now T-Mobile), while continuing to advise various Sony divisions and Music Choice Europe, a $60m start-up digital audio subscription service, then owned by Sony, Warner Music and EMI. Uplinked from a state-of-the-art playout centre in Winchester, this offered 40 channels of music – free of advertising and DJ interruptions– by cable and satellite.

“40 music channels, without ads, without DJs, in CD quality sound”

In 1993, Nick accepted a position with Music Choice as Director of Marketing, branding, launching and promoting the service in ten European countries.

Following his father’s serious illness, Nick was obliged to enter the family business and up until 2004, spent 13 years on the board of Bounty, the organisation best-known for the sample packs and parenting information it provides to new and expectant parents.

“Bags of information, for mums and health professionals”

Nick shaped the company’s public profile and its relations with the NHS, government departments, infant feeding pressure groups and the media, as well as guiding its substantial print, on-line and video output. This included the launch of the hugely popular parenting website, Having joined the Bounty board as a non-executive director in 1992, he drove the subsequent MBO – and later as a full-time director – was part of the management team that conducted a $45m sale of the business to a US marketing services firm Snyder Communications in 1997.

“Nardini. Extraordinary Spirits Since 1779”

Following his Bounty exit, Nick started importing spirits from Italy and co-founded Henley Offices, a company specialising in garden workspaces.

“Henley Offices. Professional, Comfortable, Secure.”

He still chairs and owns both businesses. A return to consultancy saw him plan the launch of an entertainment property – designed for girls aged 7-13 – that combined social networking, fashion and 3-D toy play. He was also part of an investment team that negotiated with EMI – and later Terra Firma – to purchase the record company’s music recording operation, including Abbey Road Studios, prior to its Citibank ownership. In 2010, Nick was recruited by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi to assist with Kosovo’s ‘Young Europeans’ campaign, as part of this he prepared a strategic Op-Ed for the Kosovo Prime Minister that secured international attention.

“Thaci has cut down on the rhetoric and is at least using the language of a modern European leader”

In 2012, Nick was engaged in a lengthy conflict resolutions project in South America, focusing on utilities ownership. As well as being a shareholder and director, he is currently advising a new web-based community for sleepless parents called which launched in the spring of 2014.

“It’s good to know you’re not alone”

A skilled writer, Nick enjoys providing strategic vision for brands, whilst his core capabilities embrace client servicing, corporate communications and conflict resolution. He calls on the assistance of a range of talented graphic designers, photographers, web developers, digital media specialists and photographers to meet the precise needs of different clients and varied market sectors.


Contact: Nick Hopewell-Smith, 07766 567711